“you focus on your business; we keep your website presence up to date, we make sure your website is live without any broken links and missing data.

we believe that making a website is not a onetime affaire, it's a lifelong commitment”

Web maintenance - web maintenance is important! Once you have your web site designed and hosted, you will need to maintain it on an ongoing basis. Next to advertising & marketing, web maintenance is very important!

Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to-date, fresh and effective. We have all types of AMC packages which suites your requirements. We have tailor made AMC packages for your various needs.

We cater to small businesses & organizations, who needs less monthly time but needs consistent care & platinum package for large organizations.

Website maintenance contracts only cover minor alterations, updates, and repairs. Maintenance requests requiring extensive alterations or updates are beyond the scope of the website maintenance contract and will be quoted separately. If your website needs frequent products updating and removals, this can be done on a mutual understanding and based on an agreed AMC contract.

our website maintenance services includes:
  • Making the homepage fresh for returning customers
  • To correct bugs and design problems in your current website
  • Updating the products pages with latest products (based on the AMC contract)
  • Accumulating new vibrant features to the website
  • Text re-writing and expansions, updates to calendar or events
  • Adding news bulletin or upcoming events, pictures, visuals, graphs and charts
  • Website renovations and alterations
  • Changes in forms (addition or deletion of form fields)
  • Email campaigns and newsletters management using our newsletter mailing program

The listed maintenance job is not restricted to the tasks mentioned above however any editing jobs or jobs which will appear as 'New' will be charged additionally. For instance new web pages required with new design templates or navigational restructuring would be considered as 'New' work.

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