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CRM means, customer relationship management. As your business expands, there are chances you are not able to pay attention to all your departments, you may fail to understand the work flow in your company. Proper systematic updated records with overall history for your company can be found in CRM.

In our product ciber CRM the main purpose is to manage the various departments in your company OR manage the branches from the head office. When you start using the ciber CRM, you can focus on your customer satisfaction and improve the relation with your customers. It is a centralized database program in which the customer can interact with various departments, file company data, check purchase and sales records, and get data from different location easily. Employees within the company get connected through this program.

Ciber CRM is very easy to learn, easy to use and saves lot of your time in your day to day business.

Ciber CRM can be monitored and perused for inadequate communication and in time, it can be important informative database of your reports, information etc. A lot of information can be stored in your ciber CRM. In ciber CRM you can always refer to previous history of your customer. Your customer sales reports, your customer back up history are with CRM which is online and safe. No more filing of papers required, no more bunch of files in your office cupboard. No more spending extra time for preparing data.

All status you want is with you in just one print out in hand.

Our ciber CRM online application can be 100% customized as per your specific requirement.

highlights and features of ciber CRM online business management application
  • Understanding the complete requirement of the client
  • Making a draft and the flowchart of the business model
  • Discussions (online / offline) with the client for the proposed project
  • Scheduling & designing the online application modules
  • Report generation for the required modules
  • Posting the updates to the client, during the progress of the project
  • Completion and execution of the project on time
  • 24 x 365 support - email / chat / phone / on-site
purpose of CRM
  • Trading companies
  • Service providing companies
  • Sales and service of machineries / equipment companies
  • SME business establishments
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